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This video, courtesy of Shaw TV, was shot during
one of our Spring Fun Flies.

The following video is courtesy of Mastermind Studios


Click photo for full screen

Poly vapor barrier installed on the beams and the start on the floor framing. Gerry and Serge going the heavy lifting while Roy looks on.

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The Mystique of airplanes has a very broad appeal to most people and particularly those who are natural inventors.  KMAS can assist you with building or flying your airplane through club members who are experienced builders and instructors. For club members our instructors can qualify you as a pilot and you can earn your "WINGS" at no additional cost to you.  They will teach you to fly safely and expand your skills while having fun. Please feel free to contact one of our instructors or Safety Officer prior to purchasing an airplane, for suggestions on what would be a good trainer airplane to start with. New to flying? Click here to find out how to get a free Single Member or Family Membership. Some conditions apply.

TOLKO FIELD - 40' X 600' Paved Runway, 40' X 600' Grass Runway,
14 prep tables, 5 pilot stations

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Weather conditions at Tolko field
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